Trump paints a harrowing picture of life in the United States during the Biden era


Washington Suburbs will no longer be the suburbs, the economy will plunge into its worst recession ever and police stations will cease to exist. Even the elderly in America will be left to figure out how to live without heating, air conditioning or electricity.

This is the horrific version of American life that President Donald Trump believes will be the dire result of handing the White House over to Democrat Joe Biden.

“He will bury you in the bylaws, dismantle your police stations, resolve our borders, confiscate your weapons, end religious freedom, and destroy your suburbs,” Trump said in one of the many exaggerated statements about Biden. The final weeks of the campaign. Trump usually warns him about the fate of the suburbs while he presents his decision to end the federal regulations governing low-income suburban housing.

Campaign speech can often get hot and overrated as candidates give up every last advantage before counting the votes.

Experts say instilling fear in an opponent is usually the main motivating factor behind such talk as candidates seek to give voters a reason to place a checkmark next to their name on the ballot.

“It’s an incubated fear and fear based on a certain kind of ignorance that only works if your listeners have that kind of ignorance,” said Robin Lacoff, professor emeritus of linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, of Trump’s claims about Biden.

Trump made fear – and especially fear of immigrants – a central theme in his 2016 campaign. Now, he’s giving voters a laundry list of the often unreasonable reasons to fear the Biden presidency.

The president tweeted, echoing what he told his supporters at the rallies: “This election is a choice between reviving Trump or suppressing Biden. It’s a choice between bombing a bomb or shutting down Biden. It’s a choice between our plan to kill the virus – or Biden’s plan to kill the American dream!”

Trump criticized Biden for saying he did Follow the scholarsAnd the president claims the Democrat will lock down the country. Indeed, Biden has not said whether he would support widespread shutdowns of the country’s economy, if things get drastically worse, as most of the country did in March.

“If you vote for Biden, it means no kids in school, no graduation, no weddings, no Thanksgiving, no birthday, and no 4th of July together,” Trump said at a rally Wednesday in Goodyear, Arizona. I wish you a wonderful life. “

Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Center for Public Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, said Trump’s rhetoric is poignant with people who already tend to believe such things about Biden. But for someone who is not in the audience, she said, such a conversation is “a sign of despair.”

“The problem with the speech is that it’s alienating people who hear it as extreme and intolerable,” Jamison said. It’s a problem, too, she said, “because you expect a president of the United States to adjust his rhetoric to reality in at least a reasonable way.”

Last week in Florida, Trump sought to cement his standing among the elderly Americans he had angered Its response to the Corona virus By portraying Biden as the one who’s going to hurt them. Trump falsely said that Biden’s energy plan “would mean that America’s seniors do not have air conditioners during the summer, no heating during the winter, and no electricity during peak hours.”

During a summer of unrest that followed the police killing of black men, Trump sought to portray Biden as beholden to the “far-left” forces Trump claimed were behind the protests. He also argued that Biden would not be able to prevent such unrest from spreading to the suburbs.

David Zarevsky, who studies presidential speech courses at Northwestern University, said close scrutiny shows the weakness of Trump’s argument about Biden and the suburbs.

“I think most people wouldn’t put it together as a sound argument,” said Zarevsky, the former president of the American Rhetoric Society.

The big Democrats spread their terrible words.

In July, Biden said Trump was the country’s first racist presidentThat overshadowed presidents before Trump who held slaves.

We had racists, and they exist. “They tried to elect a president,” Biden said. “He’s the first person he’s had.”

And in his speech at the Democratic National Convention, former President Barack Obama said that four more years of Republicans remaining in the White House would threaten American democracy.

“That’s what is at stake now,” Obama said.

Jamison said this allegation is different because it is based on the president’s rule-breaking behavior, such as his attacks on the Justice Department and the press, or Unfounded challenges for mail voting And the legitimacy of Tuesday’s elections.

“Those who claim to be arguing about Trump provide evidence from his speeches and actions,” she said, adding that the attacks on Biden “are not justified by what he said or did.”

Vanessa Beasley, professor of communication studies at Vanderbilt University, said that all presidents retreat from the “we are against them” rhetoric during election campaigns, but once in office, the rhetoric is softened by the reality of having to rule for everyone.

She cited Obama as an example, citing the disappointment that prevailed among some of his supporters after his election and the ambitious “hope and change” rhetoric that helped his political rise, which gave way to a thoughtful rhetoric.

She added, “The difference with Trump is that he never stops” us against them “.

Beasley added that exaggerated rhetoric could be optimistic, citing President Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America” ​​campaign since the 1980s as a classic example.

“Exaggeration doesn’t always have to be feared,” she said.


The AP Advance Voting Guide gives you facts about early voting, by mail or absentee from each state:

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