Hypophysis D: Lions-Jaguars can be highly targeted


Jacksonville, Florida. – Receive.

Detroit and Jacksonville have two of the NFL’s worst defenses, unable to stop anyone, anywhere, any week. Lions (1-3) are ranked last in the league in allowed dash yards, abandoning more than 170 yards per match. The Jaguars (1-4) lie near the bottom of each major defensive class, including 30 gross yards and finally yards per game.

Teams are from a group of seven allowing over 400 yards and around 30 match points.

So when they meet in Jacksonville on Sunday for the first time in eight years, it should be a perfect match on a high-score cause. And the smart money appears to be on the rise. Opened / lowered at 52 overall degrees.

The Lions spent their first season farewell week trying to address their defensive woes.

“We are working very hard to try to make sure there is consistency,” said coach Matt Patricia.

The problem is that there is more than one area of ​​concern. Detroit has seen different players lose tackles and missions and fail to clear blocks in every game.

“We have to do a better job at running,” said Patricia. “We have to sort out some of the things that hurt us, play with better fundamentals and techniques, and be consistent.” “We have some good plays on tape and unfortunately a lot of bad plays. We have to be consistent with it and try to make the difference in a situation where they have to pass the ball more.”

Jacksonville plans a high dose of apprentice James Robinson, whose average load is around 5 yards. Robinson has been one of the few bright spots in a team that has given up 30 points or more in four straight losses – the third time in franchise history that they have done so.

The Jaguars were completely dismal on defense, and injuries forced many first and second year players into the starting line-up.

“I have a feeling of guilt,” said coach Doug Maroney. “There’s a hole in my stomach that I feel like I can’t figure out how to make these guys (consistent). … I don’t want to make it sound like I’m frustrated in my view I’m crazy or (arrested) or anything like that.

“This is not how I feel. I feel hurt because I am unable to do my job and bring them all together to be consistent.”

Close employees

Matthew Stafford has thrown 264 touchdown passes since Detroit numbered him overall in 2009.

The Jaguars are the only NFL team where Stafford has yet to throw a score against him. He wants to end the drought in his third game against them.

He said “Yeah, that’d be cool.” “I’d like to have that on a gravestone or something.”

Carousel kicking

The Jaguars will set a record in NFL with their fifth kick in several matches on Sunday.

It’s been a Jaguar revolving door since Josh Lambo injured his hip in his second week of loss in Tennessee. Brandon Wright and Aldric Rosas were injured in the next two matches, and Stephen Housschka was cut short after missing two field goals in Houston last week.

Now it’s John Brown’s turn. A college footballer turned soccer player, he was promoted from the coaching team and will make his NFL vs. Lions debut.

he said that

Detroit’s next opponents, Jacksonville and Atlanta, have a combined record of 1-9.

“Look, we’ve only had one win,” said Patricia, who has won only twice of his past 17 matches.

Peterson praise

Adrian Peterson’s average load is 4.5 yards in his fourteenth NFL season, prompting praise from Jaguar defense coordinator Todd Wash. Snitch still remembers facing Peterson as the Seattle D-line coach in 2012, when the Minnesota star ran 17 times the distance of 182 yards and two drops. .

Wash said, “When we turned the tape over on a Monday afternoon, I was like, ‘Damn, he’s still running like he did when he was 22. He still has an incredibly jumping chops. I think it was nine years before we played it in Seattle and I think he’s still running somewhere in Mexico. “

The Jags are one of three NFL teams (along with Carolina and Washington) that did not allow Peterson to move up to 100 yards while playing four or more times.

“There is a lot of respect for him in our building and from us as a training device,” said Wash.


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