Headwinds to Trump in an attempt to replicate the Upper Midwest victories


Washington President Donald Trump made a late-for-reelection bid to voters Saturday in the upper Midwest Michigan and Wisconsin states that were instrumental in his 2016 victory but may now be in trouble.

It’s facing headwinds not only in the national polls, which show Democrat Joe Biden’s lead, but also in polls on the battlefield.

The Trump campaign has largely retreated from TV ads in the Midwest, funneling much of its money into the Sunbelt states of Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, and Georgia, as well as Pennsylvania.

Trump has set events in Muskegon, Michigan and Gainesville, Wisconsin, and stops on Sunday in Nevada and Monday in Arizona as the November 3 election approaches.

The president is still struggling with his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Wisconsin broke the record for new coronavirus cases on Friday – the third time this had happened in a week. The state also recorded record levels of daily deaths and hospitalizations last week.

Biden has no public events planned for Saturday but in a memo to supporters, campaign manager Jane O’Malley Dillon cautioned against feeling complacent.

“The truth is that this race is much closer than some of the experts we see on Twitter and on TV suggest,” she wrote in the memo, which the Associated Press obtained a copy of. “If we learn anything from 2016, it is that we cannot underestimate Donald Trump or his ability to forge his way back into competition in the final days of the campaign, through whatever distortion or deceitful tactics he has at his disposal.”

Trump is maintaining his aggressive campaign schedule despite his recent bout of Coronavirus, which took him to hospital for several days.

The difficulty of securing a second term came to light on Friday when Trump launched his campaign in Georgia. No Republican presidential candidate has lost the state since 1992, but polls show Trump and Biden in tough competition. Trump was also forced to prosecute voters in Iowa, which he had obtained by nearly 10 percentage points four years ago.

The most recent campaign fundraising numbers from the Trump team indicate that he is potentially the first incumbent president of the modern era to experience a financial flaw. After building a massive cash advantage, his campaign was spent lavishly, while Biden kept expenditures low and capitalized on the fundraising stream that has brought him close to $ 1 billion in fundraising over the past three months. That gives Biden a massive cash advantage, with just over two weeks left before the election.

In the hours leading up to his Saturday rallies, Trump focused on settling scores with a member of his party, Republican Senator Ben Sacy of Nebraska.

Referring to him as “Little Ben Sassy,” Trump wrote on Twitter that the senator was “a responsibility to the Republican Party and an embarrassment to the greater Nebraska state.”

The series of tweets came after Sassy told voters in a phone interview on Wednesday that Trump was “courting white supremacists”, secretly mocking Christian evangelicals and accepting the butts of dictators.

Sassi, who will be reelected this year in the Republican state strongly, continued to criticize the president’s handling of the Corona virus and said that the Trump family treated the presidency as a “business opportunity.”

Trump’s criticism on Twitter slammed Sassy as “the least effective of the 53 Republican senators, and the one who really doesn’t have what it takes to be cool.”

Sacy’s spokesman, James Wegman, tweeted in response that Sassy is focused on helping Republicans retain the Senate majority – now 53-47 – and “won’t waste a minute on tweets.”

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