Despite Democrats’ past victories, Trump is playing Nevada


Las vigas – Democrats have kept Nevada in line in every presidential election since 2004. In the 2018 midterm elections, the Democrats introduced a “blue wave”, as they overturned their seat in the Senate and consolidated their dominance over the congressional delegation and the legislature.

But this year, strategists and political organizers warned that Nevada was still a faltering nation. It can swing.

“I don’t know where this state is going,” said Annette Magnus Marquart, executive director of the Nevada Progressive Group, Battle Born Progress. Nevada is still purple. Nevada is still a battlefield. Regardless of your party, you have to fight when you are in this situation. “

President Donald Trump, who narrowly lost here in 2016, set a rally Sunday night in Carson City, his second in the state in several months as the first wave of voting took off.

The Democratic-controlled Nevada government automatically mails ballots to all registered voters active due to the coronavirus pandemic, but in-person voting that began on Saturday is usually when most people vote. It is expected to remain a popular choice this year, with long lines forming at several locations on Saturday.

Democrat Lee Natalie, a 65-year-old retired legal aide, waited outside a polling tent set up in a parking lot south of the Las Vegas Strip, calling Trump a “madman” and saying his handling of the pandemic “has just exacerbated what was really a truly horrific administration.” “It’s time to put in some forward-looking policies and get back on the right track in this country,” said Natalie, a supporter of Joe Biden.

In the back, Tom Johnson, 55, the company‚Äôs coach who says he’s an unaffiliated voter, will vote for the president. Johnson said: “He is doing a better job than anyone” in fighting the virus.

The epidemic has hit the tourism-dependent economy. The unemployment rate is the highest in the country.

As for the vaunted democratic political machine, it has turned personal campaigns and knocking on voters’ doors into a virtual effort for most of this year. Republicans have only moved to the default format for a few months and have been hard-working, with twice as many workers as they did in 2016. They are making their way with a diverse constituency and trying to redirect economic frustrations away from the president to the state’s Democratic governor, Steve Sisolak.

Although Trump lost Nevada in 2016, he did better than Mitt Romney in 2012 or John McCain in 2008. The state also has a higher percentage of uneducated whites who make up his electoral support base, compared to many personalities. Other focal point. States, including Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Recent polls indicate Biden is leading in Nevada, although some are showing narrower margins than others. But the country has a strong independence process and it is difficult to vote on it. The hospitality industry, including the gambling resort center in Las Vegas, has a sizeable portion of night workers and shift workers and a large number of trans residents who move in and out of and around the state.

These same factors can make door knocking particularly important for reaching and registering voters.

Since the spring, Republicans have consistently added more voters to their lists than Democrats each month, reducing the voter registration deficit in September to 5 percentage points – one point less than it was in 2016.

The Biden campaign assured it could effectively organize digitally, but earlier this month it resumed screening of votes door-to-door. Former Vice President and running mate California Sen. Kamala Harris made their private visit to Las Vegas this month.

Rory McShane, a Nevada-based Republican political strategist, said the state has a strong populist presence and Republicans may benefit from voters who may be frustrated with Sisolak’s virus restrictions and the state’s struggling unemployment system that still houses tens of thousands of residents. Since spring.

The Democrats don’t buy this theory. They say the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic, the economic fallout, and the president’s disregard for his government’s health and safety guidelines will all harm him.

William Jordan, 57, while waiting to vote in Las Vegas on Saturday, said that the president handled the crisis “very appropriately,” adding to Jordan’s decision to vote for Biden.

Jordan, a Democrat who says he’s allied with Republicans on economic issues, has said he has recovered from COVID-19. His 82-year-old mother survived the virus, but two friends died of the virus.

Jordan also cited the president’s speech on race as one of the main reasons he voted Democrats. He said, “The country has been drastically dismantled and that makes me fear for myself as a black man and for my children, because I grew up and fair people in general. It’s frustrating to be honest with you.”

The Trump campaign has been courting the state’s diverse demographic groups, including black voters, a rapidly growing group of Asian, Pacific Islander and Latino Americans, who make up 29% of the population.

In Nevada, Latinos in particular have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and make up nearly half of the state’s confirmed coronavirus cases.

No group is more motivating than the 60,000 casino workers’ culinary association. Almost half of the densely female Latin Confederation is unemployed and 50 of its members or family members have died from COVID-19.

The union supported Biden and says it has transformed its political organization and vote opportunity program earlier and larger than ever, with 350 people currently working in the field.

Gioconda Arguelo-Klein, the union’s treasurer, said its members would work “until the last minute to make sure we can get the last person to go to vote” and feel “the only way we’re going to get out of this mess is to remove President Trump.”

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