“Attempt to get away from the DUI”: A Putnam County officer pulled a drunk son out of the scene after an accident


Internal investigators found that Major Johnny Greenwood was violating a fire-capable crime, but Sheriff Gator DeLuch gave him a three-day suspension.

Putnam County, Florida – Allegations of favoritism and interference in the investigation Even “potential criminal acts” have been imposed against a senior law enforcement official.

According to an internal investigation exclusively obtained by First Coast News, Major Johnny Greenwood, Sheriff of Putnam County, removed his 23-year-old son, Tyler, from the scene of an August car accident and suspected DUI. The report found that Greenwood obstructed the investigation, tarnished the agency’s reputation and committed a “flagrant violation” of agency standards.

The report found that Greenwood committed a firepower. But Greenwood is still at his job, suspended for only three days.

At around 3 am on August 30, according to police reports and internal investigation documents, Tyler Greenwood called 911. His dented truck was parked near the intersection of Jaskin Road and Silver Lake Drive in Palatka. At first, however, he was unable to locate him.

“I don’t know my decent address,” Tyler Greenwood told IFAD. All I know, if you call my dad, it won’t break ** * loose. “

Tyler Greenwood was more right than he realized. After calling 911, he called his father – Major Greenwood – who arrived before the House of Representatives arrived.

Major Greenwood later told the internal investigators, “I said,” Put your ass in the truck. ” “I am embarrassed because he called 911. My family is calling the sheriff’s office …”

According to investigators, Major Greenwood picked up his son and took him from the scene. The problem was that the MPs who responded said it was also a crime scene.

Tyler initially reported that he was a victim, saying he had jumped in at a nearby house party. But as the officers later learned, he was kicked out of the party, hit another car as he was leaving, and as Tyler himself later admitted to investigators – he was “drunk.”

Officers who responded to the 911 call told investigators that the whole incident was inappropriate for them.

“You as an executive officer are taking your son from the scene after he has called for a crime?” Putnam County Deputy Jared Davis told investigators he remembered thinking. “It made me very upset.”

Rep. Davis was one of the three officers who responded that night. All three said that Major Greenwood’s intervention went beyond just removing his son from the scene. When officers tracked the Major and his son to their home for a DUI investigation, they both said that Greenwood and his wife Kimberly intervened.

“I was angry because it was nonsense,” Kimberly Greenwood told investigators when asked about her behavior that night.

According to officers, Kimberly began recording MPs on her cell phone, threatening to call a lawyer and screaming that they are ruining her son’s life.

She later defended her actions to investigators, claiming that her son was the victim. “They gave him a ticket. He hit his ass. And I gave him a ticket?” Kimberly added.

The three officers said Major Greenwood initially told his son not to submit to a field sobriety test, and even let him drink beer – potentially spoiling the DUI investigation. The three remember the old saying, “Throughout my 26 years in law enforcement, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Greenwood did not respond to an interview request, but told investigators that he had never intended to intervene. He said that when he took his son from the scene, all he knew was that his son had “jumped”. He said he does not know about the previous incident or the suspected DUI.

“You know I won’t do anything that puts the investigation at risk,” Greenwood said, noting that when he learned that the officers were coming on the family’s property, he went and took Tyler from the next house he was staying in.

He said, “If I were really going in, I wouldn’t have gone and pulled the kid out of his house. Everyone knows the rules – you don’t cooperate if you want to beat the DUI.”

But Representative Davis said the scene was frightening, and he saw no alternative explanation for Major’s actions. “After all of what we were told, it looked like someone was almost trying to evade the DUI,” Davis explained.

Tyler eventually took a sobriety test, and while his performance wasn’t perfect, the MPs decided they couldn’t arrest him. They had already written a ticket for improper support, but this charge was later dropped. But as Representative Nathan Engelsh pointed out, they felt constrained by the circumstances.

The English told the interrogators, “It puts you in a really difficult position. I almost felt ashamed, which is strange, because I didn’t put myself in that position. I’m not the one who did anything wrong.”

The investigators eventually determined that Greenwood had interfered with a formal investigation and committed a “flagrant violation” of the agency’s standards of conduct – a potentially separable offense. But Putnam County Chief Gator DeLuch refused that punishment, instead giving Greenwood a three-day suspension.

Deloach declined the interview request, but, in a statement, Greenwood’s behavior “fell short of grave breach.” He said that because the lead’s wife also intervened in the accident, it would be “fundamentally unfair” to hold his family’s actions against him.

The family was also the reason Greenwood told investigators that he acted as he did that night – saying he was thinking less like a law enforcement officer, and more like a father.

The Greenwood Detective asked about his actions that night: “Have you ever thought how that would make them feel?” “You’re a major in the agency, you have a deputy mayor over there. How are they supposed to feel?”

Greenwood replied, “I understood it now, but at the time it wasn’t my mind.” “It was really making sure that my son was treated properly.”

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